Kapro 8991 Prolaser Electrota Level




Kapro’s 8991 Prolaser projects a horizontal or vertical 360 degree rotating green beam with plumb up and plumb down dots. It features a scan mode, a manual mode for slope construction, and has 5 variable speeds. The protective overmolded casing has an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance. The 8991 is ideal for laying foundations and water lines; wall, fence, and deck construction; drywall, partitions and acoustic ceiling installations. The 8991 comes complete with laser unit, batteries and charger, beamfinder glasses, laser detector, remote control, and deluxe hard case.

IP65 protection from dust and moisture
Horizontal or vertical 360 degree rotating beam
Indoor laser range 50m (165ft), outdoor laser range 300m (980ft) with laser detector
Electronic self-levelling range +/- 5 degrees
Five variable speed settings

Item code: K899-1
Barcode: 7290100852545
Pack Qty: 1


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