Lasers & Measuring

Kapro Laser Levels are growing in popularity amongst professionals due their portability, durability and accuracy – combined with good value and quality!

Kapro is a leading laser levels manufacturer. Our Prolaser® range of professional laser tools includes rugged and precise construction, layout, and carpentry tools, as well as innovative DIY tools.

Kapro’s Laser Development Department focuses on incorporating the best emerging technologies into our laser tools. Our Prolaser® products are characterized by these three criteria:

Ease of operation
Added value – integrated features, kits, accessories
Kapro’s laser levels and laser tools can be accessorized with Kapro tripods, Beamfinder™ glasses, mounting poles, and leveling disks.

Transform a two-person project into a job for one with Kapro Prolaser® laser levels.

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Showing all 16 results