Kapro 862 Prolaser Cross Line




The Kapro 862 Prolaser Cross Line Laser is a laser level with vertical, horizontal and cross beam options. The laser is innovatively designed for a very broad range of professional and DIY jobs including aligning tiles, marble, cabinets etc, marking lay out for doors, windows, rails, fences. It has an indoor laser range of 20 meters and has a self leveling range of + and – 3 degrees which a vidual ‘out of level’ warning. The laser has an accuracy of 0.2mm per meter and conforms to CE, RoHS and FDA safety regulations. The level has both a velcro strap slant and hanging hole to attach the laser to either a wall or object.

  • Displays laser veritally, horizontally and cross beams
  • Indoor laser range of 20 meters (65 ft)
  • Visual ‘out of level’ warning
  • Self-leveling range or plus and minus 3 degrees
  • Attachable to objects or walls by velcro strap or haning hole


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