Kapro 363 Kaprometer Distance Measurer




Kapro’s 363 distance measurer with a flip cover that helps you see the lazer beem making measuring easier and faster. This tool has an indoor lazer range of up to 30 meters measuring area and volume. It has the ability to do pythagorean and dynamic measuring, has a choice of 2 focus points, 5 measuring units as well as advanced memory functions. The Kaprometer has a friendly and easy interface, easy to use backlit LCD display and makes calculating jobs and materials extremely fast and simple.

  • Measuring range of up to 30m (100′)
  • Beamfinder flip cover offers higher visibility of the lazer and keypad protection
  • Measures both area and volume in a choice of 5 measuring units
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Battery indicator identifies when the 2 AAA batteries need replacing


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