Kapro 883G Prolaser 3D Green All-Lines Laser Level




The Kapro 883G Prolaser 3D All-Lines has 360 degree beams in every direction, it is designed with 3 lasers, 1 horizontal, 1 side vertical and 1 forward vertical. The laser has a manual mode for tilted marking and pulse mode. This set includes multi-functional magnetic mount, Beamfinder glasses, laser target, Lithium-ion battery, battery charger and a hard carry case. The level is both water and dust resistant, perfect for wiping down and cleaning. All lines are automatic self levelling up to +/- 3 degrees. The perfect level for setting floors and wall tiles, aligning and framing doors and windows and much more.

Three 360 degree green laser beams including horizontal, side vertical and forward vertical
Indoor laser range of 30 meters (100ft) / Outdoor laser range of 70 meters (230ft) with detector
Accuracy of 0.2mm/meter
Manual mode for tilted marking
Pulse mode

Item code: K883G
Barcode: 7290100850022
Pack Qty: 1


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