Kapro 875 Prolaser Green All-Lines Level




This Kapro Prolaser All-Lines Level is everything the professional needs in one case, it includes Beamfinder glasses, laser target, rechargeable Lithium battery and a soft carry case. This laser includes 1 horizontal laser, 4 vertical with 90 degree intersection on the ceiling and 1 plumb dot laser. It has a visual and audible ‘out of level’ warning and has a self levelling range of +/- 2.5 degrees. The level works off a rechargeable Lithium battery, chargeable by a USB connection.

6 laser beams including 1 horizontal, 4 vertical lasers with 90 degree intersection on the ceiling, and 1 plumb dot laser
Indoor laser range of 30 meters (100ft) / Outdoor laser range of 60 meters (200ft) with detector
Accuracy of 0.2mm/meter
Manual mode for tilted marking
USB connection for battery charging

Item code: K875G
Barcode: 7290100850824
Pack Qty: 1


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