Kapro FSDU with Helius & Eagle Levels (24 Items)


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The perfect way to display Kapro Levels! The freestanding unit allows you to display your Kapro Helius and Eagle levels in an upright position reducing the requirement for plenty of hanging space. This set includes 4 x 24″, 48″ and 72″ Helius Levels and 4 x 24″, 48″ and 72″ Eagle Levels. A 787 Helius Level is designed with two solid acrylic shockproof vials, one horizontal and the other vertical. The surface of the level is finely milled for better grip and the level incorporates Kapro’s wall grip feature allowing you to keep the level against a flat surface with one hand without scratching or damaging the wall. Shock absorbing rubber end caps prevent the level from getting damaged if it is dropped. The 705 Eagle Optivision Red Box Level has a high contrast ration between the bubble and the vial liquid giving you optimal vision in bright and low light. The bridge of the horizontal vial reinforces the profile and the tilted vial allows a direct line of sight. It is up to 8 x more visible than regular vials, it will save you time, ensure precision and since the liquid in the vial is transparent it will not fade. Extreme building conditions require extreme measures, a strong profile, shock proof end caps, accuracy you can trust and a vial you can easily see.

Display stand promotion, perfect for storage of Kapro levels
Contains 3 sizes of Helius Level (24″, 48″ and 72″) and 3 sizes of Eagle Level (24″, 48″ and 72″)
Accuracy: 0.5mm/m on all levels

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